We are a multi-discipline law firm offering a range of specialist legal services to both individuals and businesses alike. At Conquest Law Solicitors, we are spearheaded by our 3 directors who have over 20 years of experience working within the legal sector.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality legal advice in an accessible jargon free manner, with practical solutions designed to drive a legal issue to a successful outcome for our clients.

Having incorporated in the heart of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Conquest Law Solicitors have a well-fortified local presence but with a national and international reach. We have the necessary technology, infrastructure and flexibility to provide advice and assistance to our clients around the world.

As is evident through the practice areas we offer, we pride ourselves in assisting our clients on an extensive range of legal enquiries, utilising our substantial networks to solve your problems. Each case, whether on an individual or business level, is considered diligently and executed robustly.

We have particular experience of cases which involve racism, discrimination or attacks on the rights of those who are considered to be from disadvantaged and under-represented communities. The team at Conquest Law Solicitors are motivated to fight injustice; to ensure everyone has a fair chance of applying the rule of law, irrespective of wealth, role or background.

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As well as operating as a multi-discipline law firm, we pride ourselves in practicing as a social justice law firm committed in helping those who seek our assistance, and in particular those from disadvantage and deprived backgrounds (working class, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). We will strive to enforce their rights and defend our clients who are being challenged by various state agencies. At Conquest Law we are guided by a simple guiding principle: to fight fearlessly for our clients to ensure that they get the best possible results.

Before founding Conquest Law, our Directors have all been involved in community campaigning, fighting cases of injustice, discrimination and racism, most notably with the Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign. Therefore, we are uniquely placed to recognise that community activism can work hand-in-hand with potential legal challenges to add an additional facet to a case

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