Greater Manchester Police have agreed to return several thousand pounds to our clients after it was seized at Manchester Airport under section 295(8) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (“the Act”). Following the initial seizure of the cash the police successfully applied to the Magistrates’ Court for the cash to be further detained pursuant to section 295(2) of the Act on the basis “that there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the cash is recoverable property.”

A third party was travelling to Pakistan and was taking the money on behalf of our clients when it was seized by the police. The Applicant’s instructed ourselves following the detention of the cash by the Magistrates’ Court to help them get their money back.  

Following receipt of instructions our criminal team began preparing the case on behalf of the Applicants. After the service of numerous witness statements along with supporting documentation, diligently and painstakingly compiled by our team, we were able to demonstrate the legitimate provenance of the cash. Therefore, the Police have agreed to return the entire sum of money to our clients without the matter proceeding to a full contested hearing. This has saved the Applicant’s a great deal of expense and time.

These types of cases require fine attention to detail, and a thorough review of all potential documentary evidence in order to build a strong case.  If you or anyone you know has matters arising from the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 such as confiscation then contact a member of our criminal defence team on 01709 458786 to receive expert legal advice.

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