This morning our team represented a Rotherham private hire taxi driver who won his taxi licence appeal at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) refused to renew our Client’s taxi licence on three principal grounds:

1. For making inappropriate and sexually suggestive comments to a lone female passenger;

2. Not having working audio and video recording equipment in his vehicle at the time of this alleged incident; and

3. On a separate occasion for allegedly being under the influence of Cannabis which resulted in him causing a Road Traffic Accident.

In response to RMBC’s evidence (which included mobile phone footage in respect of the third ground) our team went through each and every point made, and we were able to show evidence to the contrary that either disproved the Council’s position, or cast significant doubt on the credibility of their witnesses and their version of events.

Our Client’s response was set out in a detailed witness statement and accompanied by a comprehensive skeleton argument which set out the key submissions rebutting the allegations he faced.

This morning at court, RMBC’s barrister conceded that based on the witness statement, supporting evidence and skeleton argument served by us, the Council would not be contesting the appeal. In court, RMBC’s barrister confirmed that the Licencing Department now accept they were wrong to revoke our Client’s taxi licence, following which our Client’s appeal was allowed, resulting in the return of his taxi licence.

Our Client can now go back to plying his trade as a private hire taxi driver, as he has been doing for the last 20 years and put all this behind him. However, this won’t make up for months of stress and worry endured by him as a result of these proceedings hanging over him. All of this could have been easily avoided if RMBC had approached this objectively and undertook an investigation fairly, rather than on the basis that our Client was not to be believed, and what the Complainants’ were saying was unquestionably true.

If you are a taxi driver in Rotherham, or indeed elsewhere and need representation before a local authority’s licencing sub-committee, or wish to appeal a revocation in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court, the please feel to contact us on 01709 458786 for a 30-minute free consultation. Our team of experienced litigators and advocates are well placed to advise you on the best points and strategies to deploy to deal with the allegations you are faced with.

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