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Businesses are rarely a one-person endeavour; they're usually joint ventures that rely on a variety of people with different skills to drive growth and set goals. On occasions, business owners, managers, partners and shareholders don't see eye to eye. Disagreements over company policy and direction, lack of role clarity, and even accusations of wrongdoing or wrongdoing can lead to strife in company management. 

Disputes can be difficult, emotional and costly, which is why we, at Conquest Law Solicitors, are dedicated to helping you navigate the complications of handling your dispute and taking legal measures, if needed. 

We are experienced in advising directors, shareholders and partners involved in litigation. These disputes can be extensive, such as directors and shareholders feeling that the actions of other directors and shareholders are harmful and detrimental to their interests.  

The simplest example of a dispute comes from a director, partner or shareholder not holding up their end of the bargain, doing something they shouldn't have done, or pressuring the other party to take advantage of it. Some things can be easier, like selling company assets or taking money without consent. We often deal with solving such problems. However, there may be other problems that are not so clear, such as one party wanting to leave the company and the other not agreeing. 

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Usually, disputes are related to the breakdown of personal relationships in one way or another. Sometimes managers, partners and shareholders believe that there may be an imbalance between power and bargaining power. A director, shareholder or partner may want to redefine the benefits they receive, or their roles and expectations may change. When other managers, shareholders and/or partners do not agree, there is a risk of misunderstanding, frustration and abuse, all of which can lead to illegal activities that may require swift and clear corrective action. 

Our litigators have the necessary experience of dealing with all types of Commercial Disputes that can arise. We can assist parties to a commercial dispute, be they an individual or a business, find the best resolution to their dispute. At Conquest Law Solicitors, we will ensure that you receive transparent advice which presents a clear path to a successful solution for you. We believe that in most cases reaching an out of court settlement is desirable as it precludes costly and protracted court proceedings. However, in some cases this is unavoidable, and if required you can rest safe in the knowledge that we will fight your corner fearlessly and robustly. 

Seeking legal help does not require litigation - it can often simply help people step back and reassess their situation and find mutually satisfactory solutions. If necessary, Conquest Law Solicitors will be happy to help you get back to the front foot and improve your negotiating position. 

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