Taxi License Appeals and Driving Offences

An issue arising due to taxi licensing can be seen to be difficult, frustrating and complex. If you have been refused a licence, the appeal process itself can be seen to be an unfair and perverse outcome. There have been various times where the public authority has failed to apply the local policy accurately resulting in a distorted view of what may be seen as a “fit and proper person.” 

Whether you face suspension, refusal or revocation of your taxi license, at Conquest Law Solicitors, we are able to support and provide expert advice and representation within all areas of the taxi licensing process. 

Whether you have a Hackney Carriage licence, a Private Hire driver licence or Operator licence, we provide our clients with advice on and representation for: 

  1. Restrictions;
  2. Driving offences;
  3. Taxi licensing appeals
  4. Written representation for disciplinary hearings;
  5. Advocacy in disciplinary hearings or appeals before Magistrates and Crown Courts;

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Although, at times, a motoring offence may occur a minor penalty; on other occasions, it may bring along with itself potential devastating consequences. We can offer you advice on the appropriate course of action if you have been contacted by the police or if you have received a notice of intending prosecution. Since some choices, like driver awareness classes, are unavailable after a court date is established, it is always advisable to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our experts can give you information about the probable outcome of your case and, if required, represent you in court if you have been summoned to appear in court, particularly if you could be facing a driving penalty or disqualification. 

Should the police issue a Notice of Intended Prosecution, before you fill out any paperwork and give it back to the police, get in touch with us right away to speak with one of our experts. We will review the notice that you have received to make sure it satisfies all legal requirements. If needed, we will provide you advice on how to finish it as well as whether or not to complete it.  

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