Probate and Estate Administration

It is understandable that the administration of a person’s estate can be seen to be a complex and time-consuming issue which can impact a person both physically and mentally. Conquest Law Solicitors work tirelessly with our clients to release the strain off their mind and make the process as straightforward as possible. 

Personal Representatives are personally liable for any acts or omissions conducted by them in relation to the administration of an estate. This can and should be a daunting prospect for anybody appointed in the role of a Personal Representative. 

A Personal Representative is directly liable for any acts or omissions which they are to carry out in regards to the administration of an estate. This can typically be a daunting and complicated task for anybody appointed within the role of a Personal Representative. Therefore, it would be advisable to engage with our Probate experts as we would be able to address any legal issues which may be involved. There is a vast number of complexities which are able to arise during an administration of an estate and it is important that these are dealt with as quickly and firmly as possible. This is why Conquest Law Solicitors are here to lend a helping hand to help satisfy your needs. 

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